Our Work - LMWN
LMWN is now Pixelset We're currently working to move all content over to our new website.
  • geolhistory.org

    GeolHistory is a fun, interactive and community-driven resource for Geological studies.

    LMWN Partner

  • lewmc.net

    LMWN's User-Service Minecraft brand. Runs LewMC, Galactica, LJP, PackStats / YAMPST.

    LMWN Service

  • mcuni.org

    LMWN's Commercial-Service Minecraft brand. We work with Universities around the UK to provide bespoke, low-cost, managed solutions to bring the power or gaming to thousands of students.

    LMWN Service

  • pixelsetphotography.com

    Coming soon.

    LMWN Website

  • portalsso.com

    The home of your LMWN Account. One-click login across all our websites.

    LMWN Service

  • saturncms.net

    Saturn is a website builder made for you.

    LMWN Software

  • scoutsonline.org

    ScoutsOnline is a new way to share your group's memories with parents, carers, friends, and more. It's safe, secure, free and easy to use.

    LMWN Website

  • theinternetimpact.org

    Learn about the impact of the internet and what you can do about it.

    LMWN Website

  • whataccomm.com

    Comparing University Accommodation doesn't have to be difficult.

    LMWN Website

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